; Take On Mars free Europa Update dives into Jupiter's Moon

Take On Mars free Europa Update dives into Jupiter's Moon

Hello everyone!

We've got some good news today - after a couple of months of work, we're excited to finally release our major free content update to Take On Mars - the Europa Update! It's live on Steam right now, so let's go through some of the highlights of this update.

Brand new environment - moon Europa

The most important addition that gave the name to the entire update is a brand new environment to explore - 4 square kilometers of Jupiter's moon Europa. Beyond Earth, this icy moon is believed to be our solar system's best spot to find and explore a sub-surface liquid water body in the form of an ocean. Thus, it is also the most promising place so far to find traces of extraterrestrial life...

New missions and features

While in real life, we're still pretty far from sending a manned mission to Europa, in Take On Mars, we took the liberty and went a little bit ahead of time. In 2 new single player missions and a brand new coop scenario, you'll explore the surface of Europa, taking a deep dive into its freezing subsurface waters. We've added some new features to make the experience properly immersive - like new underwater mechanics or improved radiation simulation.

New equipment and vehicles

Europa's surface is a really cold place - and by saying that, we mean −170 °C/-274 °F cold (in average). In addition to that, Europa's surface gravity is even lower than what you know from Mars, and so all that calls for some special equipment. We've got you covered with a new space suit, brand new diving suit, new low gravity buggy with thrusters to keep you stickied to the ground, and a cool new mobile habitat suited for much more than just good night's sleep.

Bugfixes and general stability updates

Along with the content package, we're also releasing a good amount of fixes, tweaks and overall game stability improvements. See the full changelog here.

Thanks everyone for the epic ride so far - enjoy the update and see you in game!